This baby was born with a lot of hair

Alexis Bartlett, a newborn from Sydney, Australia, made news for an unusual reason: she was born with a head full of hair. An ultrasound X-ray indicated that Alexis had a full head of hair just weeks after she was conceived, considerably sooner than the customary one to two years it takes newborns to grow their thick locks. Her shoulder-length hair is virtually enviable at six months.

When Alexis’ parents initially saw the ultrasound, they were taken aback: not only did Alexis appear to have hair on her forehead and back, but also on her buttocks! Fortunately, this feature is inherited. Alexis’ mother also reports that she was born with similarly thick hair, making the gorgeous baby girl look exactly like her mother!

So it’s no wonder that when Alexis hit the beach recently with her lush locks in tow, she caused quite a stir among passers-by and beachgoers alike! All eyes were on Alexis, who wowed spectators with her distinctive and stunning hair. Fortunately for us all, more breathtaking photographs from this small fashion icon are on the way!

It is unusual to see a newborn born with a lot of hair. Because most kids are born bald or with very little hair, it can be startling to see them with a full head of healthy hair. While some may think that having a lot of hair on your infant is uncommon, it provides many advantages.

Because their sensitive skin is better protected from the outdoors, having more hair can help keep the infant warm and comfortable throughout the winter months. Extra locks also indicate fewer tangles in the long run, which means less brushing time for parents and less discomfort for the youngster.

Furthermore, because most parents want to provide everything their newborns need for optimal growth and development, baby products such as shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers are designed specifically for those born with thicker manes.

If parents have more hair to work with, they may find it easier to create creative hairstyles for their newborns as they grow older. Your baby’s luscious locks can be a source of joy as you watch them grow up if you use the appropriate maintenance and styling procedures.

And, while having a lot of hair does not guarantee that your baby will appear like a model, you can rest assured that it will always have superb head coverage!

While some may find it amusing to make fun of your baby’s hair, remember that it is a blessing that should be embraced. After all, having a lot of hair on your infant might help keep them comfortable and looking their best. So remember to praise God for the fantastic gift of more locks!

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