Man decides to take his own life – then he realizes what’s in his dog’s mouth

Nothing speaks love and loyalty as dogs. I am convinced that these creatures were sent to us by God, to keep us safe and to make our days a little bit brighter. Those who never owned a dog will never learn what it means to have a best friend for life.

Byron Taylor is a man who has a story to share, and it involves his dog Geo, a 6-year-old Rare Welsh Bull Mastiff. It all started when Byron broke up with his girlfriend. He felt devastated and depressed and found salvation in alcohol. He lost his savings and couldn’t find a reason to move on with his life, so he decided to end it. However, little did he know that Geo wouldn’t let his dad’s plan work.

Source: Daily Mail

The moment Geo noticed the noose, he knew something was wrong and rushed to chew on it. The same thing happened a couple of times, and seeing the rope in the dog’s mouth made Byron reconsider his decision to commit suicide. He came to his senses and hugged Geo so tightly that everything started making sense again.

Source: Daily Mail

Sadly, shortly after, Geo was diagnosed with an untreatable and inoperable brain tumor. That meant that he hadn’t had much time, so his dad decided to make his last days on Earth the best he ever had. Just two months after the devastating diagnosis, Geo passed away in the comfort of his dad’s arms.

Source: Daily Mail

Geo is no longer around, but his dad makes sure the memory of him lives by telling everyone how the loving dog saved his life. This story is a special tribute to an incredible canine who made a change. Rest in peace sweet Geo, you will never be forgotten.

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