The manager tells the watchman, “You’re fired, old man,” not realizing that he will be her boss the following day. The Day’s Story

Although Nia put in a lot of effort, her recent promotion at the shop made her into a combative and demanding boss. Up until the point when she chose to insult and dismiss the former watchman, she got away with everything.

Nia had only been promoted for a week when she still couldn’t believe it. She was now the store’s general manager for a designer clothing line.

Nia had many suggestions for how she would enhance the store if given the chance a few years prior to receiving her promotion, and she kept them all in a folder. The binder was on her desk that morning as she spoke to the staff just before the end of the workday.

“Very good. Does everyone know the new rules we will follow? she questioned.

The staff gave nods, amicable smiles, and a few soft yeses in response.

“I don’t want anybody to be careless or disregard my new guidelines. Here is what we’ll do to ensure that. Anyone who violates the new guidelines for wearing a uniform, greeting customers, or setting up a counter will not receive a bonus for one month.

Nia proudly grinned at her concept as she observed the employees’ faces turn serious.

However, such a radical choice completely shocked the staff. They were unable to work because they were aware that even the smallest error would cost them money that was used to pay the majority of their bills.

They exchanged startled glances as they debated whether they ought to try to reason with Nia.

Everyone in the store was pleased for her despite the fact that she had undergone significant change over the previous week. They were all aware of how diligently she had been working on this for the past three years and how dedicated she was to her work.

They were pleased to track the progress of a worker who began as an intern on the bottom and eventually rose to the top.

The store and the employees suffered more as a result of the woman’s newfound bravery than they gained.

She changed everything at her new job the moment she started, expected unrealistic results from those she thought were hardworking, and became irate and disgruntled at the smallest error.


But no one dared to suggest that the young Nia, who had fantasized about this position, wasn’t qualified for the position of manager because they knew Nia.

Finally, someone who she least expected decided to talk to her.

“Nia, my dear child, I must speak,” Victor grinned while raising a trembling hand.

Nia reluctantly turned to face him. She didn’t want to hear the 68-year-old shopkeeper’s opinions or suggestions.

Victor said, making Nia smile, “First of all, let me say that we are all very happy to help you realize your vision of the store.”

“However, I believe that this new debt will cause us to work in fear. We all want to stay motivated, so maybe we can figure out a way to ignore minor errors.

Victor’s suggestions were rejected by Nia, who couldn’t help but wonder what the other team members were thinking as they nodded in agreement with the elder man’s speech.

Victor cannot address me as though we are on the same level. I don’t want to allow other coworkers to speak to me in that manner either, Nia reasoned.

Victor, enough already. To everyone’s amazement, she yelled.

“Victor, how about fixing your own errors before offering advice? Do you really believe I don’t see how late you arrive at work every day? How long are the lunchtime breaks? You may have been able to do all of this in the past, but those times are gone. From now on, you must abide by my rules.

“Nia, there’s a cause for my tardiness.


Nia was astounded that the elderly man had interrupted her once more. She made the decision to lead by example once and for all as she noticed how other workers were looking at her and anticipating her response.

“I don’t give a damn about your excuse! And I don’t think you got the go-ahead to interrupt me, did you?”

Victor froze in shock because he had never had to put up with this woman’s rage or insults.

Nia said, “Let this serve as an example for all of you.” “Anyone who offers me an explanation will be denied entry. Similar to Victor, who will soon depart from us, she exclaimed.

The color left Victor’s face, and he prepared to plead for his job back.

“That’s accurate. Old man, you’re out of a job! I appreciate your years of service. However, I believe you are no longer qualified to work here. Please depart. Nia appeared to be enjoying the way the old man was being treated.

Victor quietly left the store after realizing that nothing would persuade Nia to change her mind, as the staff looked on in shock and tears in their eyes.

Victor’s job as a storekeeper might have come to an end as a result. But something even more extraordinary was going to occur to him the following day.

This morning when Mr. Gordon, the owner of a multi-million dollar chain of stores, was informed that Victor had been fired, he scowled and declined a cup of coffee.

What did she do? Mr. Gordon was astounded by Nia’s harsh treatment of the watchman.

Being new, Nia was unaware that Victor was the organization’s first employee. He was fundamental to the company’s success in the entire city.

Mr. Gordon would never permit someone to disparage a man who served as the company’s godfather.

Bring him, he commanded. Victor had apparently been patiently waiting outside in an effort to provide his account of what had happened. “… and convene a hasty board meeting! NOW!”

A voice behind her called out to Nia an hour later as she was reprimanding another seasoned worker.

“Nia? I learned that you had let Victor go. I’ll introduce you to the new regional manager you’ll be reporting to, if you’re not too busy.

Nina eagerly anticipated the entry of a sophisticated young person through the glass doors.

“It cannot be… Is Victor here?

Victor became her boss as a result of Mr. Gordon, who was now grinning at her, being the same old man she had rudely fired the day before.

Victor has been employed by this business since its inception, long before it grew into a chain and before my wife and I had enough cash to put up a standard sign outside the store. His extensive experience will no doubt be beneficial to him in his new leadership position.

Since his wife Marta is still battling her chronic illness and relies solely on our Victor, he will undoubtedly continue to arrive later than all of you.

Nia felt profound regret after learning about Mr. Gordon. She gave the elderly man who was listening a lifeless stare. The elderly caretaker had never before donned a suit. Victor, however, appeared like a regional manager on that particular day in a three-piece suit and with a smile on his face.

“Victor needs to fire everyone who hasn’t been professional the past few days as soon as possible,” Mr. Gordon spoke while addressing Nia.

Nia had the impression that the carpet had been pulled out from under her. She was fired from her dream job for no good reason by Victor.

“Victor, I’m so sorry about how I treated you yesterday. Please do not let me go. It won’t occur once more. Victor, I can’t afford to lose this job. Will you pardon me?


When Victor witnessed Nia start crying, he was astounded. He didn’t want to let her go. Victor was still taken aback by both his own promotion and the way his boss stood up for him.

Why should I have to fire you, Nia, my child? I am aware of your dedication to the position. That is common knowledge. Sure, you’ve let a little success get to your head, but I’m sure anyone of us could do that at some point.

Victor reassured the woman, “I’m not mad at you and I’m not going to fire you.” He then turned to the other employees and exclaimed in a joyful tone:

“Come on, let’s start working right away. Both old and young have this strange urge to command you. Do your job well, please.

Victor uttered, “Nia,” after clearing his throat and donning his glasses. “Shall we look through your binder? You do have some really great ideas.

It marked the start of a brand-new chapter in Nia, Victor, and the shop’s lives. Nia was Victor’s right-hand woman as he continued to run the store. The pair worked together brilliantly, making the store the most prosperous in the chain’s history.

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