“Got fat and old”: new pictures of 70-years-old Kirsty Alley appeared on the network

There was a time when Kirsty was one of the most impressive actresses, she often collaborated with John Travolta. He was beautiful, smart, talented – he combined all the necessary qualities to work in filmmaking and find his unique place.

He is well known to us from the following films: “Summer School”, “Look Who’s Talking”, “The Cursed Village”. It seems that only yesterday the families gathered in front of the TV to watch the movie with her, but today this 70-year-old woman is not at all like the woman we knew before.

New photos of the star have recently appeared on the Internet. In one of the streets of Hollywood, spies saw the woman and interviewed her. The fans were shocked by how much the actress has changed and what her current image is.

“Time, what have you done with her?”, “How ugly she has become,” “It could have been better,” users of social network comment on the picture.

Loyal fans stood up for the actress and rebuffed the haters:“What did you want? She is 70 years old! “,” As good as before “,” Do not listen to anyone “,” Kirsty, you are beautiful “.

Did you like this actress? What do you think about her current appearance?

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